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Community Theatre Sound Design

In addition to voice recording, I also lend my services for theatre sound design/tech. Recently I used #StageTracks and I'm sorry to say that my experience was pretty terrible. There's no way to preset fades, volumes, etc. within the program. The vamp feature was nice and me and my partner figured out how to hack durations, but it was really an unforgiving program. The double whammy was that we had our sound effects operating within #QLab and had to switch back and forth between the two programs to trigger music cues or sound effect cues. What a mess! And this was a production geared for high schools where the sound effects and music cues were a package deal! Too expensive and too complicated!

So we ended up ditching a huge number of the canned music cues and creating our own to be able to load new cues into QLab as substitutes so that we could run cues simultaneously or time them to start automatically and eliminate as much of the switching back and forth between programs. For a show that comes with about 120 sound files between the sound effects and music, the set up seems crazy to expect a high school to run.

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