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"I was nervous when I put my personal story out into the nether sphere for a stranger to read. I doubted anyone could orate my memoir with the kind of emotion, depth, and humor I intended (and heard in my head). Barbara proved me wrong! She brought my story to life, giving each character their own unique and interesting voice. Upon her swift completion, when I witnessed how skillfully she transformed my book I asked for more. Barbara and I forged ahead to collaborate on enhancements to my original vision which took my audiobook to the next level - one I hadn’t even conceptualized. If you have any question about whether there is someone out there with the talent, tools, and presence to nurture your creation in a respectful partnership, look no further than Barbara! You, too, will be wowed!"

     Paula Francis
     18 Pair of Shoes

Barbara Rich loves breathing life into your stories!

She continually hones her craft with a wide variety of voiceover jobs and through character development in local theater productions. Also a classically trained singer, Barbara has studied voice production since 2001.

Also find books by Barbara under the pseudonym, Risa Barbosa


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