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Take a Breath

As a small business owner, I have to make all the decisions about my business. Good or bad. I can bounce things off of other people to get their take on the situation, but ultimately it comes down to me.

So when I found this article about breathing and decision making, I thought, "What better place to start for a #voiceover artist? After all, my business would not exist without my breath, right?"

Absolutely true. And, calm breaths are the key to clean audio so you don't end up having to edits the giant gasps that do not lend themselves to the artistic integrity of your work (unless you are voicing an #audiobook where the character is running or similar). And as the article discusses, slow, calm breaths are the key to good decision making as well.  I wonder what would have happened recently if I had stopped to breathe before jumping on an opportunity that, in retrospect, was not a good fit for me in terms of my personality? In taking a moment to breath, I might have remembered a comment a family member had made previously, "Wow, what a jerk!" and then reminded myself, "I don't need more jerks in my life."

Slow, calm breaths in decision making don't just warn you about the potentially bad outcomes, by the way, I've had moments where I've taken the moment to slow down before making a decision and it helps me through the thought process to, "Yes, this is exciting for all the right reasons!"

There is another time when being aware of my breathing as helped me both as a voice talent and as a decision maker. It's those moments when I realize I'm not breathing - I'm holding my breath or trying to tackle too long of a phrase. Even on a low level, my stress/anxiety/whatever you want to call it is greater than it needs to be in the moment and if I can catch myself in that moment and ask why, it's usually because I'm not giving myself the gift of breath.

Happy breathing!

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