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Positive Affirmations

Have you ever used positive affirmations? I didn't have huge experience with them even though I would often be that arm chair Olympian living the course as the athlete of the moment would visualize their routine or course or trick. And you know that they are visualizing themselves performing each element of their event perfectly. It is so common in sports and so yes, it makes perfect sense to have a similar process for everyday life.

I had the good fortune recently to get a job to record about an hour's worth of affirmations for success, health, confidence, motivation, forgiveness, plus a few more. I was eager to take this on, because I thought that my voice was a good fit for this kind of work. What I didn't expect was the payback would be much more than what I earned for that job.

My client partner on this job encouraged me to take my time on the job, which I took advantage of and spread the recording and editing and mixing with background music out over perhaps three weeks in total. I normally like to get into the flow on recordings and have as few sessions as possible, but I found that I looked forward to my daily sessions to record or edit and then finally mix with music because I came out of them feeling really good.

Yes, I felt really good, really positive and surprisingly inspired. Give it a try!

The CD I worked on with Inner Power Meditations is available as "Positive Affirmations" here

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