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Hydration is key!

What's your morning routine to prep for recording? One important thing I do is getting hydrated as early and as fast as possible. I'm writing this because I totally boffed my routine this morning and now I have to wait to start recording because my mouth noise is horrendous! Nothing worse than a sticky mouth and, no, apples are not a real substitute because they can add sugars to your mouth and so I've only had short term success with apples. You can't beat deep internal hydration for the best results, plus I find that my stamina is better, and my eyes don't get quite as dried out from staring at my screen/script.

In a pinch, I will grab a can or bottle of seltzer water and sometimes that helps me get going faster. I find myself doing that in the second half of the afternoon when I'm probably trying to do too much recording but if I'm in the middle of editing and need a pick up line and the mouth is smacky, then a bit of seltzer does the trick.

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