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In 2018, I finally let myself try the world of audiobooks.  When I say "let" I mean, yes, this was a purposeful decision not to venture into the world of audiobooks.

Was I afraid? Yes, but maybe not for the reasons you think of. Yes, audiobook narration can be intimidating because you are making very personal choices about:

  1. what to narrate
  2. how to characterize people that are initially strangers to you but are intimately familiar to the author
  3. what emotions to share and how to express them
  4. can I really pull off that accent that I didn't know was in chapter 15 of the book?
But I was really afraid of starting to do audiobooks because I had a feeling that I would be totally addicted...which turned out to be true.

So at the same time that I was working other voiceover jobs, I managed to squeeze in about 13 or so audiobooks in 2018.  Some were good choices, some were not, but I chalk that up to my learning curve and overall I feel that I've established a solid foundation for future work.  

I'd love to make audiobooks my full-time focus, but that is a plan that will take time to keep working at and in the meantime, I have to learn to be patient while I feed my addiction!

In a future post, I'll go into reasons as to why audiobooks are so addicting for me.

And in the meantime, check out my productions here on my web page!  The links are to Audible where you can take a listen to a sample and (please!) buy something to enjoy.  

And if you do buy and enjoy, please leave a review! In this world of so much negativity, authors and audiobook producers need to hear from more than just the folks that thrive on that negativity.

Have a wonderful day!